Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Project... finally finished!

It's finally finished! A mini version of our big table for Jordan and Nolan to sit at for years to come!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Handsome Little Princess

My mom got Jordan a chest of Princess dress-up clothes, which was a hit. But it took all of maybe a few minutes for her to want to dress up Nolan... you can probably guess that Shawn was not in the room otherwise Nolan would not have been wearing this dress. Handsome little princess!
Even Curious George gets to wear a dress.

Christmas with the Blenkers

Christmas morning! I am pretty sure that Jordan helped open every present under the tree... whether it was for her or not. This year was probably my most favorite Christmas day yet! We decided to stay home all day, and in our pajamas of course, while our parents just kind of came in and out all day. It was so nice!
Shawn's parents gave the kids this incredibly cute kitchen for Christmas. Can you tell they love it? What you don't hear in this picture is Jordan tell the baby that he is too little to play with it. It's only the begining...
The Christmas Card dilema: so every year we recieve Christmas cards from friends and family, and we love looking at them and reading updates on their lives. So we have been saying this entire last year that we really wanted to do that this year. Well did you notice? If you're thinking that you didn't recieve one from us, its not because we forgot about you, its because it didn't happen! I love this piture, but if you had any idea what it took to get this one good shot... oh my goodness. Things were looking good, both had a bath, both fed, both changed, both seem to be in relatively good moods... but if it wasn't one it was the other... oh man it was exhausting! By the time we had the picture, I was too tired to go through all the work of sending it out! So next year... next year will be the year.
I love decorating for Christmas, and I hate taking it down. My house always feels so bare after its all put away. Shawn's parents came over to help us decorate the tree. We love having them so close... Jordan and Nolan especially love it.
Last year when we took Jordan to see Santa it was a disater, but a very funny one. We were totally those parents with the screaming child, afraid of Santa. This year went much better, and Nolan did well too. But seriously, doesn't he look like the Real Santa?

Gunstream Christmas...

One of my favorite traditions is decorating the Christmas Tree at my moms house with everyone. We decorate while mom makes snickerdoodle cookies. All we are missing is Joel, and of course a man for my mom.
My oldest brother Jeff's family, his wife Chelsi, daughter Bella, Ethan (right), and Holden (left)

My middle brother Chad, his wife Stephanie, and their daughter Brinley

Trick or Treat!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Go Broncos!!

I think the Lord knew that it was vital I marry a Denver Bronco fan. Being from Colorado, having entire family dedicated to the Broncos it would just be too much conflict to have a fan of a different team in the mix. So of course Shawn too is from Colorado and he is an extremely dedicated Bronco, Nuggets and Rockies fan. And so of course we are passing on down, generation to generation.

Our Farm

Ok, so we had been talking about wanting to grow a small garden with a variety of fruits and vegetables because not only would it be cheaper, healthier, but also fun for the kids to help with and watch grow. On the side of our house Shawn built a little garden area, and we planted a watermelon plant and zucchini plant. Unfortunately we planted a little too late, and we knew we did but we thought it would be a good learning experience for us so we can know a little more for next year. Well we got our first Zucchini this week! Just in time for ridiculously cold weather, so unfortunately we won't get anymore but we were rather excited!